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Ramblings May 2019

Notice on a church door “Well-known carpenter seeks joiners”.
Notice in parish magazine “Adam and Eve were the only people who had not read Apple’s terms and conditions”.

Ramblings April 2019

I am sure that many of you, like me, have precious objects that you look after with great care. There are many different reasons why these items are precious to us – they may hold special memories, were a gift from a loved one, are antiques or of value in their own right, or are objects that we have saved money to purchase as a special treat. I have two special possessions that I would like to mention here.

April Rector's Ramblings

This edition of “Ramblings” is dedicated to all parents of young children. John and I have just returned from a 5 day holiday spent with our daughter and grandchildren – and I am full of respect for parents who cope with the demands of young children on a daily basis!

November 2018 Rector's Ramblings

Rector’s Ramblings

The seasons of the church year are identified by name and colour; we begin December with the season of Advent and the colour purple and we move into The Christmas season which is signified by the colour white. These colours are evident in the Altar frontal in church and the colour of the clergy robes or vestments. Colours have special symbolism in cultures around the world and often arouse particular emotions.

November Rector's Ramblings

Rector’s Ramblings

As I was leaving a bookshop the other day I spotted a book with the title “The Golden Thread: how fabric changed history”. History and textiles combined in one book - two of my favourite subjects. I had to buy it! I was both surprised and delighted later in the week to hear that this book was Radio 4’s Book of the Week and I listened to a fascinating account of the history of silk production as I drove to a meeting.

Rector's Ramblings April 2018

Rector’s Ramblings

I got some very strange looks in Sainsbury’s in Bicester a few weeks ago!  I was standing in the baby clothes department clutching a doll in my arms. I kept taking outfits from their hangers and trying them against the doll to check the size.  I eventually purchased a white bodysuit, a pair of grey leggings and a pink dress, all newborn size, for my doll.  I sat on a chair by the till and dressed her in her lovely new outfit.  She looked very pretty, even though the bodysuit was a little too long for her!

November's Rector's Ramblings

Rector’s Ramblings

I travelled to London by train last week and had a fascinating journey. I travelled on a slightly later train so that I could use my Senior Railcard (there are some advantages to getting older!). In spite of the fact that it was after the rush hour period it was still crowded with people and I was lucky to get a seat. I then indulged my passion for “people-watching”.


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